We're a passionate UK-based designer and maker of furniture, using an eclectic mix of materials and styles. Plywood as well as solid wood features in many of our designs.

If anything characterises our work it is this use of a variety of materials, rather than just be constrained by one. We are able to achieve this as we have wood and metalworking facilities on one site. Thus, in-house we have a diverse range of skills relating to furniture manufacture.

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Dining Tables

Our range of dining tables includes regular tables with four legs to more unusual industrial style pedestal tables. Metal legs are quite common in our dining table designs, but we also have designs with wooden legs in a more traditional style. Both types of legs are available in a variety of colours. In the case of metal leg dining tables we offer a choice of powder coating colours or plain steel for an industrial look. For wooden legs our range includes oak for extra strength and character, stained in a range of shades from dark to light.

Contemporary Dining Tables

In contrast to many interpretations of what this might be, we believe that it certainly doesn't have to mean lacking character and barren of innate style. A contemporary dining table by Rigg will certainly be formed with a focus on crisp, clean form, but it quite likely will also reflect characteristics from the past: the input of craftspeople, care and attention to detail and also forgotten materials. The later is key. It has become very easy for furniture manufacturers to mass produce pieces based on the same repetitive choices - perhaps merely variations on a theme of painted fibreboard or veneered chipboard. These materials have their place but do all contemporary dining tables have to follow this pattern? We think not.

Industrial Dining Tables

This style is currently very popular, ostensibly making it "contemporary", but in reality it does tend to have an aged or used aspect in some way. The latter is often expressed through the use of natural colour steel with it's wonderful grey-silver hues, or perhaps aged wood, bursting with character. Whilst many of our industrial dining tables have substantial legs with stout proportions, please don't think that this is a necessity. We also offer pieces where judicious, economical use of material affords a more delicate expression of an industrial aesthetic. An example is our range of hairpin leg models. For those that fancy something a little more "finished" we offer a powder coating service, opening up a huge range of colours on our industrial dining tables.

Coffee Tables

As with our larger pieces, we offer a diverse selection of coffee tables, with probably a design for everyone. Materials used include steel, wood, copper, brass, zinc and glass. Besides our standard designs of coffee tables which are available in a range of sizes, we also offer a bespoke service. Quite often we can make our pieces in 10cm steps of sizes. So for example if our standard range of a particular coffee table design is available on online as 120cm x 60cm, we may be able to make 120cm x 70cm; please ask us about this.

Industrial Style Coffee Tables

Some of our designs have an industrial style, so for example the top of the piece might have a reclaimed-style wood top with a rustic aspect and the legs might be of a natural finish dark steel. Not only are such products strong they also add an edgy feel to a modern room.

Modern Coffee Tables

Some spaces, perhaps traditionally fitted-out, can benefit from a piece with a very crisp clean form. This can add contrast and excitement, avoiding a stuffy feel. Besides the shape of a contemporary coffee table, the material used can also have an impact. For example, instead of wood as the principle component, a white gloss laminate could be used; creating quite a futuristic ambience.