Bespoke Outdoor Planter with Seating Bench

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Bespoke Outdoor Planter
Irregular Shape, Kite, Wedge Outdoor Planter
Bespoke Outdoor Planter & Seating Bench

Many of the manufacturing processes at Rigg can be used for outdoor furniture. As with many of our other projects and products we are able to combine materials to create unusual designs.

The client for this project required a number of planters which would include specific features:

  • Kite / wedge style shape
  • Central area for plants
  • Iroko woodwork
  • Locking castors
  • Corrugated cladding
  • Seating

A planked exterior was created which allowed water drainage and slight expansion and contraction of the timber.

To bring together the required elements a welded steel tubular substructure / space frame was built for each unit. Due to the irregular quadrilateral form, great care and skill was needed by our metal fabrication department.

Furthermore there were numerous accurate cuts to be made to produce the wooden outer skin.

Protection against the weather included the use of carefully selected and finished iroko wood and a special exterior treatment.

The heavy-duty locking swivel wheels were specified with a rubber coating for quiet operation in the installation area. Hard surface castors would have caused excessive noise and possible damage on the block paved and landscaped exterior yard.

In addition to presenting the horticultural aspects, the design was also required to function as a useable piece of external furniture. Namely a seating bench.

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