Coloured Round & Rectangular Office Tables

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Office Cafe Area Yellow Plywood Tables & Benches
Large Round Office Table with White Top
Red Coloured Round Office Collaboration Table
Yellow and Natural Plywood Dining Table & Benches in Staff Restroom
Small Round Meeting Table with Green Top
Large Round Blue Office Breakout Table
Large Round Gloss Red Meeting Table
Large Modern Canteen Table with Orange Top
Orange Office Meeting Table and Credenza Cabinet

Workplaces can often be dull, with interiors of grey and beige. The company featured here decided to go for a much bolder scheme for their restroom and formal areas.

Rigg manufactured their furniture at its Birmingham factory using colourful modern designs. The interior was tempered by more muted floor coverings and brick walls.

Tables were made with orange, red, yellow, blue, green and white tops from the Rigg Quad and Disk range. For the staff canteen area natural finish plywood seating benches complemented the brightly-coloured sorbet hue of the table tops.

A selection of diameters of round meeting tables was supplied including a large gloss red model. A smaller green breakout table was included for ad-hoc project discussions.

For ease of installation, the deep blue circular table was fitted with a 2-part plywood and laminate top.

A tangerine credenza from the Rigg Mika range was specified with an upper plywood rim.

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