Independent Prep School Dining Tables & Benches - Prince's Mead, Winchester

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Independent Prep School Dining Tables & Benches
New Dining Hall Furniture & Interior at Prince's Mead School
Long Contemporary School Table & Benches at Prince's Mead, Winchester
High Quality School Furniture -  Winchester
Modern Plywood Table & Benches with Angled Legs - Synk
Synk Birch Plywood Dining Tables & Benches Legs
Birch Plywood Legs on Dining Table & Benches
Birch Plywood Seating Bench with Grey HPL Top
Rigg Synk Table - Plywood Leg Close-up
School Seating with Plywood Edge Detail

Rigg was invited by this independent school to supply dining tables and benches for their newly constructed refectory hall.

The model chosen was from the Synk range. Manufactured mainly from high quality birch plywood, it features sturdy angled legs and a durable top high pressure laminate surface. The edges of the legs show the lamination detail of the sheet material. These characteristics result in fresh, practical, modern furniture with an honest clear aesthetic. The gentle hues of white and grey complement the real wood surfaces and avoid dominating the hall.

To suit the interior space, 3m long tables were each accompanied by 4 benches. This arrangement avoided excessively heavy and unwieldly seating for the young pupils.

The building project at Prince's Mead, Winchester was designed by Re-Format architects and realised by Acheson.

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