Office Kitchen Tables & Benches

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Office Kitchen Table & Bench Sets
Office Kitchen Tables & Benches - Wooden Top, Metal Legs
Workspace Recreation, Dining & Collaboration Furniture - Tables & Benches
Tables & Benches in Office Social Rest & Dining Space - Industrial Oak, Raw

Contemporary workspaces are designed and considered to be more than just a business environment. Social, collaboration and recreation areas areas with suitable furniture are frequently incorporated into interior schemes.

Rigg supplies many bespoke items and products including tables and benches for such applications including office kitchens and canteens. The pieces shown here are from the Rigg Quad range. The metal legs are clear coated and the tops are of solid oak, lacquered. The result is a very light, raw, post-industrial style. The surfaces are flat, smooth and durable. Other timber types are available in addition to plywood and laminates. A variety of colours are available for the frame and legs, from our standard range. Additionally, others can be provided on request. The seating is designed to tuck under for ease of cleaning. This is also useful for compact spaces which are often employed for workplace dining and hospitality areas.

Other aspects of this area can also be supplied such as storage cupboards, work surfaces etc.

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