Plywood Office Booths, London Media Agency

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Window Booths - View from office looking out over London
Individual Working Booth Pod with Dividers
High Plywood Work Table at London Media, Comms, PR Agency
Plywood High Modular Work Bench for Stools or Standing, Media Design Studio
Geometric Style Plywood Work Booths with Dividers, Lamps & Seating
Plywood Office Booths with Dividers & Lighting

The items featured here are part of a larger project in a multi-storey building housing an international digital media and communications agency, based in London.

Birch plywood booths were specified along with high work benches for individual working. Being located in a variety of areas in the workspace, each unit takes on a different feel and most-likely usage pattern.

Some were installed into a window location with great views of the city; perfect for contemplation during a task. Regular height seating was used here.

Other areas were fitted with a bank of the units. High level versions for use with stools added variety and a more open feel with the dividers omitted.

Construction was of birch plywood in a modular fashion, enabling small or long configuations to be achieved if needed. Especially aparent on the divided models is a geometric, grid-like aesthetic. This "taught" feel is tempered by the real wood surface of the material and the subtle decorative effect of the laminiated edges. Matte clear lacquer was applied for protection.

Task lighting was installed by attaching lamp units as needed. Provision for power and cable management was incorporated for the benefit of staff.

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