Pop-up Zinc & Wood Bar with Beer Taps - Brand Marketing Office, London

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Pop-up Zinc & Wood Bar - Beer Beverages Brand Marketing
Rustic Wood Style Bar with Zinc Top in London Workspace
Bar in Office Social Space
Office Bar with Beer Taps, Zinc Top & Oak Timber Style
Wood Bar with Metal Surface and Beer Taps
Workplace Oak Bespoke Bar & Kitchen Furniture, Digital Design Agency - London, UK
Office Installation of Drinks Bar for Branded Cafe & Canteen Area with Stools

A custom, branded drinks bar was required for an office installation in London. The piece was to have storage space at the rear, a zinc top and a character timber finish.

The unit sides were finished with a rustic HPL and the top with real zinc. The edges of the work surface were built from real oak. The detailing was high as would be expected of a global digital brand marketing company in the capital.

The area in the workspace not only fulfilled specific branding needs but was also able to operate as a social space for staff and visitors. The pop-up feel created a touch of excitement and interest, perhaps not possible with a different approach.

From a functional perspective the unit was fitted with beverage and beer taps and also accessorised with branded towels and mats. Part of the upper panel overhangs allowing high stools to be accomdated.

Whether high-end metal, laminate or wood surfaces are chosen, workplace rest areas can benefit from good quality design and manufacture. Attention to detail when specifying commercial fit-out furniture can reap rewards for staff.

Rigg makes special and standard products for locations across the UK, using a wide variety of materials. Over the years we have worked with numerous CAT B commercial interior contractors to satisfy their needs. Contact us to see how we can help you.

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