School Canteen Furniture - St. Marks Hounslow

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School Canteen Furniture
Industrial Table & Benches - School Canteen, St. Marks, Hounslow
School Cafe Tables & Chairs
Wooden Top Round Bistro Tables
Wood & Metal School Table & Benches
Round Wooden Bistro Cafe Tables in School Canteen
Stylish School Canteen High Stools with Black Frame
Bistro Table and Chairs in School Canteen

A package of Rigg products was installed at St. Mark's in Hounslow, London. Through discussion, presentation of ideas and feedback our design team helped the member of staff in charge of the project.

Rigg offers several styles and a large selection of materials. The contemporary aesthetic of wood and steel was chosen for this school canteen furniture project to create a more "grown-up vibe". The latter is commonly encountered in restaurants, coffee shops and higher education.

The key components were industrial table and benches and round cafe bistro tables and chairs. Additional seating was implemented with stylish Rigg high stools. The latter had frames with a black powder coated finish. This coating is baked on and creates a durable protection. This high bar seating area was complementary to the adjacent monotone mural.

The wooden top round bistro tables were made with heavy duty 5cm square tube pedestal legs. A cross base with adjustable feet aided stability. Clear coating allowed the colour of the raw steel to show through creating a gunmetal hue.

School and college furniture such as table and benches typically have dull (or gaudy), predictable design that hasn't changed over decades. The same mass-produced models are used time and time, again. In order to satisfy this brief at St. Marks it was essential that the space was made to feel distinct, grown-up and more akin to a university cafe. This excluded the aforementioned approach of stale, cheap-looking furniture for children. Feedback has confirmed that the 6th form pupils enjoy their new cafe and break area, validating the approach taken.

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