Social Space Tables with Oak & Marble Top on Castors, London

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Luxurious Social Space - Table with Oak Top & Marble Planters
Modela Minor Table - Solid Oak Top & Castors with Real Marble Unit
Corporate Office Canteen & Social Space with Oak & Marble Table
Bespoke Marble Planter & Cable Management in Workplace Oak Table, London

Rigg has supplied furniture to many London workplaces. Frequently they are well-appointed with luxurious fittings and materials as you would expect from a corporate environment.

Modela Minor tables of a custom specification were installed in the project shown here. A special solid oak top, clear lacquered was made with a central void area. Designed to be positioned in pairs when needed, the asymmetrical centre channel forms a continuous feature through both halves.

A solid marble unit in the usual place of a power/data module provides space for planting. Biophilic elements are an important part of contemporary schemes, helping to create a healthy atmosphere and feel. The latter is especially appealing in social spaces such as this workspace cafe.

Flexibility was important for full use of this office canteen, so castors were fitted during manufacture. Versatile use of facilities is important where agile working practices are encouraged.

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