Tables, Benches & Stools, Blue Coat School

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Independent School Educational Furniture Installation
Tables, Benches & High Stools, The Blue Coat School
High Coloured Stools and Round Poseur Table
Solid Timber and Steel Table and Benches
Table & Benches at The Blue Coat School Birmingham
Round Poseur Tables and Stools with Wooden Top
The Blue Coat School Logo on Glass Door with Furniture Inside

The Blue Coat School in Birmingham is a highly regarded organisation. In keeping with other high standards, the furniture of their new facility was to be of robust, good quality.

Following discussion of requirements, tables, benches, poseur tables and tall coloured stools were manufactured and installed at the Birmingham site.

Construction of the products was mainly of solid timber with steel frames.

Rigg has supplied furniture to many other commercial and educational bodies over the years.

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