MIKA - Plywood Storage Cupboard

MIKA - Plywood Storage Cupboard
Birch Plywood Office Storage Cupboard
Storage Cupboard for Schools & Colleges
Orange Cabinet
Bespoke Plywood Cupboard

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Available in a variety of sizes and suitable for office, educational or domestic use, MIKA is an attractive and practical storage option.

Manufactured and constructed in our UK workshops from high quality douglas fir plywood, this cupboard is built to last.

High pressure laminate coating ensures maximum durability while allowing for a wide variety of colour options. The example shown here features a clear lacquered carcass with bright orange facings, but we have an extensive range of colours to choose from to suit any scheme. These handsome colours add a contemporary touch to this retro style piece, bringing it well into the twenty-first century.

Alternatively, a clear lacquered birch ply finish creates a warm vintage feel with an attractive layered edge that would complement any decor.

Explore the MIKA range for further inspiration, or get in touch to discuss how this versatile cupboard can be adapted to suit your home, educational or commercial space.

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