Sideboard - Douglas Fir Plywood

Douglas Fir Sideboard
Home-Office Douglas Fir Storage Cupboard
Douglas Fir Plywood Sideboard

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This characterful little unit could transform your home-office from a dull work zone into an inspirational space. Our MIKA sideboard is constructed almost entirely from high quality douglas fir plywood, offering distinctive and durable closed storage for a well-ordered room.

The lacquered birch ply finish lends a warm vintage feel with an attractive layered edge that complements any colour scheme.

The stylish square base frame is constructed from high quality steel. Choose clear lacquer to accentuate the industrial feel of the piece. Alternatively, opt for one of our hard-wearing, powder coated finishes, from soft pastels through to bright and bold tones for a striking and contemporary pop of colour.

This unit comes in a wide range of lengths and section options, fully customisable to suit your space. Compact pieces like the one shown above are ideal for domestic settings, while larger versions suit commercial spaces and educational facilities.

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