Large Industrial Office Table with Cable Management

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Large Industrial Office Table with Cable Management

Many Rigg products are fitted with cable management. This can be a particularly useful feature where lots of users need to access an electrical or AV connection. Whilst smaller products are also equipped, it tends to be big workplace tables which are candidates for this functionality.


Over the years a wide range of dimensions have been utilised at the Birmingham factory. A common choice is 3m x 0.9m, which is approximately 10ft. x 3 ft. - as this fits many long, narrow meeting rooms. For this example, one outlet might be fitted in the middle or several smaller holes with wooden grommets down the centre.

Huge ofice tables have also been made in contemporary and industrial style. 6m and above lengths have been installed, usually in sections. It is best to avoid placing electrical modules on joins in tops, but this can be done if desired.

Desking is often implemented nowadays by using a modular table system such as Trail, where sections are joined to create long stretches. As with the "monolith" versions above, various solutions are available to add connectivity. Don't forget that high types are also sometimes specified to great effect.

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