Getting a consistent, maintainable look for workspace can be challenging. One way is to get a core body of office bench desking. Besides the aesthetic aspects it can give a feeling of common purpose. Or perhaps for hot-desking where staff can drop in, plug in and go. (We can help with the plugging-in part with our cable management solutions.) Our products are made in the UK and are available in a wide range of colours and materials including real wood, laminates, metals and linoleum.


Interlocking means that the whole row stays as one piece keeping the original design concept fixed. No more dragging a table to an ad-hoc place never to be returned.


Our bench desking has strong steel framework specially designed so that each section provides extra support to its neighbour. When simply pushing regular desks together there are usually doubled-up legs at the joints which can look clumsy and improvised without regular tidying; whereas our method allows each to share a leg. Combined with a robust top material the whole assembly is geared towards strength; they will give reliable service for many years. To stay looking great and afford protection, our frames are powder coated in a colour or are clear lacquered for an industrial look.


In addition to a frame style we offer choices in the top material and colour and frame colour. This results in numerous permutations to cater for all manner of interior style. For example you could go for a solid real wood top and clear coated steel frame for a more rugged, rustic vibe. At the other end of the scale go for strikingly coloured metalwork and a birch ply with laminate top.



Solid wood 40mm thick for a chunky look. Solid oak 18mm thick giving a crisp modern style. 24mm birch plywood alone or with a hard-wearing decorative laminate leading to Scandinavian and striking modern flavours.


On the real timber we can provide clear lacquer or stained finishes. Laminates open up numerous colour options shown in the chart here: