Hospitality, offices and educational environments frequently have a need for made-to-measure tables.

Special Sizes

Rigg has:

  • Standard sizes
  • User dimensions in 10cm steps
  • Completely variable specification on a limited set of products

Quite often, when specifying a custom furniture size the height is left the same as the regular model and only the width and length is altered. An example is when an item is required to fit into an unusally narrow but long room. So a 240cm x 70cm table might be needed. This would fit into the second category above as 240 and 70 are each divisible by 10. An example of the third type is where a piece is made to match an existing work surface height. Other factors are as follows:

Choose your Colour


Due to manufacturing processes, it is more common for our table tops to be made with an non-standard colour. This might be as simple as staining a solid wood top in a darker shade. Another possibility is to select a different colour of laminate on cerain designs.

Legs and Frames

Many applications use black, white or industrial clear coated metal legs, or in the case of wood or plywood - clear lacquer. However sometimes a colour can be specified. In the case of metal, finishes are typically applied using powder coating.


Powder coating colours are specified using RAL or British Standard colours. When asking using a name, we will usually use the most common code. For example, when a client wishes to have "black", RAL 9005 is used.

Different Materials

Rather than ask for a completely new design, Rigg clients may configure bespoke tables by merely changing the top material. An instance might occur where the aesthetic of zinc is desired, but the wear characteristics are not acceptable. Therefore the customer elects to have the exact design but with a grey HPL (high pressure laminate).