Designs of this type tend to be particular to specific applications such as cafes, bars, pub and other small food outlets.

Traditionally this product would be found in small French (typically in Paris) restaurants where simple but tasty meals would be served daily such as caseroles. While the ambience of such places was (and still is) low key some ornamentation might be applied to the legs or edge of the top.

Standard Bistro Table Sizes

Owing to the confined spaces in which they are placed, typical dimensions are:


  • 60cm x 60cm
  • 70cm x 70cm


  • 60cm diameter
  • 70cm diameter


  • Four Legs
  • Pedestal/Column



  • Solid wood: oak, pine, walnut etc. Reclaimed or new
  • Birch plywood
  • High pressure laminates (onto plywood or MDF)
  • Metals: zinc, copper, brass
  • Resin covered
  • Concrete


  • Metal, such as welded steel
  • Wood