Part of the workplace structure commonly demands spots where one or more people can split off the main group or activity to discuss or think about a sub topic, or perhaps just take 5 minutes to move away from an otherwise static position.

Furniture such as breakout tables can be positioned in specific designated places or perhaps be mobile to give flexibility.

Incorporation into a quirky, semi-open enclosure or on a slightly raised plinth is quite common. This of course doesn't preclude a well chosen piece simply placed in a convenient location, with useful features.

These areas can be quite beneficial to a business:

  • Boosted Ideas generation away from a large group
  • Freeing up formal meeting rooms
  • Staff welfare improved
  • Cross fertilisation between people from different departments

High or Low?

Sitting at a height does offer a further small but notable removal from the hubbub of a large office. An elevation of a few tens of centimetres can make a difference. Having a high table and some tall stools gives the flexibility for colleagues to sit or stand. For example - walk up to the table to write a quick note on a pad whilst standing. Realising that it's going to take longer than anticipated a stool can be sat on.

Collaborative Spaces

A breakout table, correclty configured is great for use where co-workers come together on a project. Perhaps a catch-up or resume of progress so far.

  • Multifunctional - allows a variety of activities of varying durations to take place
  • Daily standups - quick connection between team members each day
  • Informal - standing can make the occassion informal and easy-going
  • Gather - a great place for a focal point - an object where documents, coffee cups can be placed

Features of Breakout Tables

These are some that you might like to consider:

  • Hooks
  • Shelf
  • Hanging pods
  • Cable management
  • Cup holders
  • Screen mount facility
  • Fold out extensions
  • Lighting
  • Height adjustment

Quick Buying Guide & Usage Considerations

  • Connectivity - Power and services
  • Usage? - Audio visual, softweare - eg. Trello, impromptu presentations, live conferences, small gatherings, shares, informal meetings
  • Seating - Sit/stand, Mixture of heights
  • Collaboration tools: pens, paper, board
  • Construction materials: wood, steel frame, birch plywood, laminates etc.
  • If you want to read more then please see our buyers guide to breakout furniture.