To suit personal preference, Rigg offers a range of designs. Some are derived from traditional materials used in a modern, unusual way and others use the latest techniques for production. Besides solid wood, we also use materials such as steel, zinc, copper, brass, birch plywood, laminates, OSB - plus many more. We make almost all parts in our UK factory in Birmingham.

Being up to date in your choice of furniture can be daunting with so many products now available. You might want to capture the spirit of now but are concerned that a bold choice might be a flash in the pan, go out of date or simply become tiresome.

How can you determine exactly what is a contemporary dining table? You could go with your instinct, talk to friends or perhaps look back at purchases from the past. Were you right to choose that purple velvet sofa?!


It might sound odd - but perhaps the furnishings should match the style of other areas of life, for example cultural or culinary aspects. For example, you might have been on holiday to Sweden and have a new appreciation for simple, elegant restaurants there, along with their furniture. You don't need to take this idea too literally, but it is food for thought. Will your eating and living space be comfortable in winter and summer? Will stark white be cooling in summer but feel cold in winter?

Contemporary Dining Tables

Who Will Use Your Furniture?

Buying an on-trend table for the family to dine at might make the experience more appealing for younger members. However this doesn't have to imply childlike designs. A number of our models can be specified with inspiring materials such as zinc and boldly-coloured high pressure laminates. They're also durable and very easy to clean.

How Will You Use It?

Also consider modes of operation and patterns of use. Will it mainly be used for formally eating? Is it okay to look "lived in" (eg. is a surface such as zinc acceptable?).


Consider how your new table will fit in the space. Will it be in the sun and hence uncomfortable to sit at? Will overhead lights cause a glare on the surface (choose a matte top finish?). Make sure that you think of the lighting for use at all times of the day. Will a roof- light allow a persistent, daily beam to mark a solid wood table over a period of years? Is the table stored against a wall or use with banquet seating?


How many people will sit at it usually? Will there be occassional peaks such as celebration times: birthdays etc.? Is there enough room to occassionally seat guests at the ends? Will you use a bench (or 2?). If you are going to use chairs, how wide will they be? Will the chairs fit comfortably between the legs?

Contemporary Dining Table

Table Leg & Frame Shape

Ask yourself about how you will sit at the table. Do the legs get in the way with your proposed arrangement?

Colour Trends in Table Design

Different schemes have been in vogue over the years, with industrial wood and steel themes being currently popular. As a particular offering will never be to everyone's taste, there will usually be several parallel desirable styles. For example, pastel colours are currently also used on lots of products.

Fashion & Other Influences

Clothing, dress styles, hair styles, automotive design, architecture, politics... to name a few.... are often intertwined with each other and fashionable furniture. As a simplistic example consider the style over the past few years for vintage industrial.

Modern Furniture In Context

A high street retailer will often tend to be stepped back a little from avante garde developments and are most likely, if at all to be influenced by the cutting edge styles of a few years ago. Esoteric choices for rooms are typically presented by interior designers that are expressing themselves and demonstrating their capabilities.

Current Furniture Ideas

When searching for ideas for furnishings for the kitchen or dining room you can see what the current offerings are. Previously you would have had to go to many physical shops. Nowadays there are many online retailers so you can view many more options. Rigg manufactures the products it sells and so you can directly discuss your needs.


When looking for a contemporary dining table you should bear in mind that your idea of the meaning of the phrase might be different to that of others. Are you really looking for the current style or your perception of it. The key is to find the item that you are happy with.