The Office Workplace  has evolved from a sea of identical pieces of furniture which are neatly arranged in blocks. There is still a practical need for arranging a body of desks in an organised manner but nowadays there is so much more that can be done.

Modern Requirements. Rigg meets a variety of fresh contemporary needs with style:

  • Breakout Tables: designing stand-up meeting tables to be a hot desk and social hub.
  • Agile Tables:       responding to the needs for a team table, with height adjustments and options for additional work points.
  • Hot-Desking:       allocating desks to workers when they are required, rather than giving each worker their own desk.
  • Client Reception Area:  creating that all important first impression when the client walks through the door.

Modern Solutions. Rigg has some exciting and flexible designs for Reception Desks, Cafe, Canteen and Restroom Areas as well as Meeting & Conference Tables. Tables are available in a wide variety of materials and colours and the additiion of high quality lockable castors and wheels are ideal for offices or communal spaces where flexibility is key.

Office Desks.  Rigg offers a solution to all requirements, from steel framed systems to fresh birch plywood designs. In addition to discreet units for each member of staff, it is popular in today's work space to have bench desking. This usually comprises a single large piece with room for reasonable room for several people. Features such as cable management (power, data, AV) and lighting are frequently specified. Further, privacy features such as sound absorption panels can be a welcome addition in a bustling office.

Bespoke. Rigg’s bespoke services construct all the items shown. We use quality materials including solid timber, plywood, laminate, steel, zinc, copper, brass, resin and others. A huge variety of sizes and colours are also available.

Using our in-house metalworking, woodworking and other facilities we can produce a diverse range of classic and modern constructions and styles including "new" industrial. For example we are fully capable of providing a concrete top reception desk with welded steel frame and real copper front. We would even be able to cut out your company logo to attach to the front, using our modern CNC machine!

Rigg has made furniture for numerous installations, from tiny design studios to large corporate offices across many sectors. We work via both furniture specification companies and direct supply. The wealth of our experience means that we can be of real help to you and we are happy to help create the perfect office space for your business.

Contact us to find out more about what we can do for your project.