Rigg uses many different materials in furniture and one of the most exciting is copper. A patina will form on the copper surfaces, creating a deep character over time.

The HAIRPIN Desk shows how the coppery sheen moves with the light, adding texture and depth to the surface. It can be given an aged finish or simply buffed.It's ideal for home, offices and studies and it could even make a striking dining room centre piece!

Our unusual QUAD Dining Table reveals an arresting copper strip, treated to bring out its rich lustre. The soft reflective sheen contrasts beautifully with the warmth of the solid oak section, adding a real touch of distinction.

The COPPER Bistro Table is small and intimate. Copper contrasts with solid oak edging and when light hits the surface it brings out glorious depths of colour and movement. Classy in any bistro it also works well in restricted space areas at home, a chic dining table for two...

The combination of wood and metal is what gives this HAIRPIN Leg Dining Table its quality of elegance and timelessness. The coppery sheen moves with the light, contrasting with the birch plywood edge and adding an unusual touch of class to your décor.

Zinc and Brass are other metals that give a subtly different effect. Rigg has designed tables to suit all preferences.

zinc and brass tables.

Please contact us to discuss the many options available.