Once upon a time each member of staff had their own desk and often their own office. However, times have changed. Shared work spaces are increasingly popular as are open plan offices.

Rigg has stepped up to the challenge and designed a variety of solutions to meet all modern requirements. The result is functional and stylish office furniture with a contemporary twist.

Explore what we offer and contact us at any time to discuss what you need and how we can help in terms of sizes, colours, materials and finishes.There are all sorts available.

The images here illustrate a number of options and we have included the case studies for two major projects.

The generous proportions and multiple features of our SYNK Modular Office and Co-working Table combine to create a versatile work space perfect for shared and open plan offices.

The MEET Conference and Co-Working Table has the forward-thinking workplace in mind. The support pedestals allows space all around the table - perfect for creating a collaborative conference environment. Additional middle sections can extend the size of the table when a larger meeting room is to be fitted-out. Integrated power and data access is provided and cable management covers are co-ordinated with the base columns enhancing the avant garde, Memphis style. Numerous colour options are available

Our cleverly designed Large LOOP Bench Desk can fit into all sorts of spaces. It is especially useful for co-working areas. A traditional top is available but here we show the split top, which makes power and data provision simple and straightforward.

Our TRAIL Co-working Table is a versatile modular piece ideal for shared office spaces, communal meeting areas, bench desking offices and breakout areas. The elegance of the slim steel base frame belies its solid construction. The legs come powder coated in black or white, or a clear finish to strengthen the industrial feel. We offer a range of lighting and cable management systems and bespoke colour options are also available.

As you can see Rigg can help create a lively practical environment for your office.