If you're looking for a product with a more delicate appearance then one of our hairpin leg dining tables could be a good choice. Why? Besides just "looking great" with its slender proportions, it is a very neat approach  because of the way it is strong without using thick materials which other leg designs resort to.

We go a step further with our version and incorporate a third, fine element into the leg. Whilst only 6mm in diameter this simple enhancement endows larger sizes with extra rigidity.

Based on these sound principles we make a number of variations, combining colours and materials. An ever-popular style has clear lacquered steel grey legs with a character 40mm thick solid timber top. Other colour metalwork and top finishes are possible.

Top Materials

Real wood tops are very popular combined with "raw", grey metalwork. This gives a great, rustic industrial feel. We also offer birch plywood, hard-wearing stylish laminates and metal finishes such as zinc and copper.


We have been making tables with hairpin legs for many years, before other suppliers. The steel used for our hairpin leg dining tables is high quality and just the right thickness to easily provide support yet still appear slender. Our desks have standard hairpin legs but our larger items use a version with 3 elements. The third part is slimmer, avoiding the appearance of being too "chunky".


Our usual range of sizes is 150cm, 180cm, 210cm and 240cm long. All are approximately 75cm high.