Our range of HAIRPIN Leg Dining Tables and Desks have a deceptively delicate appearance, the slender legs belying the strength of their construction. They are made from high quality steel, providing the firm support needed although looking light and elegant.

For larger items such as desks, we incorporate a third fine element to give additional rigidity and stability. In this way strength is added without any of the thick materials you would normally expect and which would make the desks look chunky.

Once we created a solid base we were able to offer a whole variety of colours and materials. As you can see from the collections shown here, there are materials, colours and combinations to suit all tastes.

Real wood tops are very popular combined with "raw", grey metalwork. This gives a great, rustic industrial feel. We also offer birch plywood, hard-wearing stylish laminates and metal finishes such as zinc and copper.

Our usual range of sizes is 150cm, 180cm, 210cm and 240cm long. All are approximately 75cm high.

Please contact us for all available options. We are more than happy to help.