A large part of Rigg production uses materials other than traditional solid wood. Tables with laminate (HPL) tops are one of many alternatives.

You might think that products made with this material are predictable as it has been used in the same way over many years. However Rigg has developed several alternative possibilities in addition to the huge range of decors now available.

Options for HPL Tops


In various thicknesses, laminate on top of:

  • board with edgebanding (same or different colours)
  • birch plywood with the showing
  • hardwood plywood with the edge showing

Colours & Textures

A huge range of finishes is available including in matte, super matte, gloss

  • solid colours
  • textures
  • metal alternatives (eg. zinc)
  • concrete & stone


  • Egger
  • Formica
  • + others

HPL is not the same as MFC

The full name for the material is High Pressure Laminate (HPL). This gives a generous, hard-wearing surface layer. Another option which is sometimes substituted is Melamine Faced Chipboard (or an MDF version). This is usually used on vertical surfaces, secondary areas and more economically constructed horizontal surfaces. It tends to be less durable, but does have the benefit of enabling lower priced, entry level items. Since the the two products can appear similar when new it can be difficult to compare otherwise equivalent pieces of furniture.