High Pressure Laminates (HPL) offer a creative and often colourful alternative to the more traditional solid wood tops.  

Rigg has created new and exciting HPL tops in addition to the huge range of décors now available.

The SYNK Birch Plywood Dining Tables demonstrate how various thicknesses of the wood can be used with the edge showing or with the edge banded in the same or different colours. The QUAD table is of plywood, slightly different in appearance but just as attractive.

There is a fabulous range of colour and textures for the tops. We have bright colours to add zest to any space, they can be matte, super matte or gloss as you wish. You could choose a cool marble or concrete effect, or smooth rippling metal surfaces such as copper, zinc and brass. These are all low maintenance alternatives to the real thing, providing a similar look with a more stable finish.

Among the laminates we use you may recognise Egger and Formica. And it’s worth noting the difference between HPL and MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard). HPL gives a generous, hard-wearing surface layer and is Rigg’s laminate of choice. MFC tends to be less durable. but does have the benefit of enabling lower priced, entry level items. Since the two look very similar it is always worth enquiring when making any purchase of laminate furniture.

Please contact us to find out the full range of options available.