Our large industrial style tables are perfect for when extra seating is required in either an office or hospitality setting. At our Birmingham workshops we have extensive facilities to make large to huge tables such as 4.8m long. Over the years we have manufactured numerous large and specialist tables fitted for the latest technological needs, including cable management.

Our 3000mm X 900mm model can comfortably accommodate 10 people. We make a variety of models in this "raw" style such as our QUAD design. This has clean, simple lines married to beautiful character materials - solid wood with steel framework.

The standard top is a substantial and durable 4cm thick of solid timber. Several layers of clear lacquer are carefully applied to ensure durability. We can also offer different top materials and finishes such as zinc, brass, copper and high pressure laminates in a huge variety of colours. The combination of a natural steel frame with a bright colour laminate, for example, can create a striking contemporary but industrial statement.

The legs and base of our large industrial tables are constructed of heavy-gauge steel finished in a satin clear lacquer. The latter allows the attractive natural dark grey hue to show through, adding to the character of the piece. We can also offer finishing in a powder coated colour of choice.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and all options.