Furniture comes in many sizes for different applications. In a small restaurant 1500mm x 800mm might be considered big whereas in a commercial open plan office a 5m bench desk might fit this description.

It also goes without saying that a table might be large in terms of height, width or length. We have created a separate section which focusses on high versions. Here we are considering mainly long or wide types. Obviously some products crossover so there will be a few which are generously proportioned in several ways.

Rather than designing specific "big-only" models many tables are available as standard and muilti-section. Examples along these lines are:

  • Quad
  • Loop
  • Synk
  • Trail
  • Modela

By taking a modular approach we are able to offer a huge variety of sizes and styles. The top is supplied in sections with frame parts that are constructed on site. This also has big advantages for delivery and installation. Furthermore the unit can possibly be extended in future.