In the workplace they're essential. At home they're a place to work or maybe even craft, draw, or read. It doesn't take long to realise that this item of furniture is important and at the heart of many spaces.

Typically construction is from all wood or some metal is used for the legs. MDF or MFC is also popular especially at the lower end of the market. At Rigg at variety of plywood desks are made at the Birmingham factory.


Essentially there are two categories made by Rigg:

  • Plywood top on metal frame and legs
  • All or almost all plywood construction 

The former tend to be of more traditional appearance whereas the latter are usually more innovative in design and construction.


Cable management is a popular feature which as a minimum includes a neatly formed aperture in the top. This can have a wooden grommet/bezel with cap or simply be a hole. The last option allows the attractive striped laminates to show.


As mentioned above Rigg supplies a variety of styles which incorporate a number of materials. For desks and tables birch plywood is commonly used, but a “hardwood” version is also used. The latter tends to have wider stripes (laminations) at the edge and also a slightly more rustic aspect.