There are numerous options available when it come to buying furniture for such an important activity as eating. Well, let’s be honest, much more happens, from sitting reading a newspaper to the kids doing homework. It is the core of many households.

You could divide choices into traditional and modern. However, old and contemporary are so finely blended nowadays. Another way is to consider materials. Wood is an obvious choice, as is metal - especially for legs and frames. It is also popular to opt for a plywood dining table in one of several forms. As with the Rigg Synk model, the entire product is constructed from plywood. Whereas the same top alone could be specified on a Quad or Stance design, which both have steel legs.

Plain, laminate or something else

A coating of clear lacquer can provide protection as well as showing the wood grain. Quite often, further durability is needed, or perhaps a splash of colour to match the cupboards in kitchen diner. For this, laminate such as a Formica is a great choice. Other possibilities include zinc, copper and brass to create the surface.

Different Types of Plywood

At Rigg 2 types are employed: birch and hardwood The edge of the first is made up of thinner, more refined laminations. If you like the look of thicker stripes at the edge with a more rustic aspect then consider the latter. Both types can also look good when doubled to create a substantial, thick top. Combine with laminate for a punchy, contemporary table.