A wide variety of materials are used in the various products in homes, offices, schools etc. Solid timber is synonymous with tables and storage. However, imagine a sheet material which spans "man-made" and "grown". For example, MDF at one extreme vs. solid oak.

Plywood furniture is made of laminated sheets of real wood. Each layer is alternately bonded at right angles so that the resulting panel is flat and stiff and doesn’t warp. This manufacturing process creates a great material for construction.


  • longevity
  • resistant to distortion, splits etc.
  • economical
  • attractive due to real wood use
  • distinctive - can easily be stained or have a laminate applied

Types of Products

The aforementioned characteristics make plywood furniture a great proposition when looking to fit-out a space. Where previously designers and makers have sought to disguise the inherent aesthetics, here at rigg we celebrate these. Take our Synk for example which exposes 48mm width of beautiful edge detail on each leg.


  • Dining & Office Plywood Tables
  • Storage such as sideboards & credenzas
  • Shelves
  • Room dividers