The amazing combination of surface finishes available with laminates means that an incredible variety of styles can be achieved.

This combined with the uniform surface of a round Formica table allows the creation of small versions right up to large examples. This can even be extended to multi-section types allowing a large unit to be transported and installed economically in a tight space. For example a 2.5m diameter model could be made of two semi-circles.

Leg Types

Hairpin A round laminate table lends itself well to having 3 legs. The upside of this arrangement is that the product is self-stabilising like a tripod and there are fewer obstructions to occupants. The hairpin legs are in themselves surprisingly strong whilst still having a delicate appearance.

Bent Tubular

As with the previous type, this choice affords plenty of room for chairs whilst being stable and comfortable to work at. Adjustable swivel feet provide a secure footing as well as creating a lighter feel.

Birch Plywood

Using our advanced machinery we are able to create elegant but strong tapering legs from this versatile material. A combination of the pure, bright wooden surface, the decorative laminated edge and durability make this choice a contender for those looking for practicality and variety.


A large range of colours is available for a round Formica table including vibrant hues such as Juicy Pink and Clementine. Other brands of laminate offer other colours.