This style of furniture is synonymous with large, substantial metal and wood sections, rivets, bolts and nuts. However there is no reason you shouldn't enjoy the aesthetic with our small industrial dining table options. Many of our designs are available as standard in 150cm x 90cm (5' x 3') and bespoke for a modest additional charge.

Examples include our Quad, Angled and Hairpin ranges. The small industrial dining table selection can be made from the drop/down list on each product page, so don't be put off by the other photographs which feature may larger sizes.

Whether large or space-saving, we can usually offer the same material and colour choices such as standard timber, oak, steel (in colour if desired). For example our Quad design is available with an industrial style, clear lacquered grey frame and characterful timber top. The same high quality, robust construction techniques are used on the smaller sizes, such as strong welded joints.

Contact us if you need help deciding about your table design.