Rigg offers small cafe tables in a variety of shapes, materials and sizes. Each hospitality installation can be quite different with its own set of requirements. Of course some operators such as pub groups have a formula which they largely stick to for each fit-out.

Schemes usually have a mixture of furniture in differing dimensions. There invariably seems a need for a small solution such as a square bistro table which can fit into a corner or be arranged in rows. The benefit of this shape is that it tessellates well and creates a consistent look.

Seating & Size

Typical dimensions are 60 x 60 cm but in some circumstances 65 or 70cm square is chosen. In a very small room where space is at a premium, 10cm from each of ten tables in a row gains enough room for an extra place. In a coffee shop or boutique restaurant there tends to be 2 seats or covers per table.



Besides the design of the top several options are available for the base. A pedestal design with either a plate or “x” at the bottom is popular. This arrangement allows easy access in tight spaces. Sometimes a more traditional look is needed so a leg in each corner is specified such as on our Quad model. Where required bespoke designs can also be made.


Most of the materials and combinations from other models in our range can be fitted. This spans solid timber such as oak through to boards such a birch plywood with laminate and also special materials such as zinc, copper and brass. You can see from our student halls case study that we have even made concrete versions. We can offer so many combinations as we design and manufactures in-house.


Square bistro tables can be a versatile, useful addition to many spaces where a cafe, coffee shop or small restaurant scheme is needed. They are available in a many permutations to suit differing decors.

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