Synk is designed and manufactured entirely in-house at Rigg in Birmingham.


The top and frame elements are of strong, high quality 24mm birch plywood. The legs are double thickness at 48mm thick. Besides the obvious endowment of strength, this detail demonstrates the beautiful nature of the layers of birch timber.


Contemporary office design will benefit from this model used as a meeting table as well as other spaces such as hospitality and education, perhaps as a dining table or desk. A split top version is available which affords easy central access to cable management features. The built-in spine neatly conceals wires and associated fittings. Honest, straightforward usage of materials, avoiding embellishments allows the clean, distinctive form to stand out.


Dining/Meeting Height

74cm high

90cm wide X 150, 180, 210, 240cm long

90cm diameter

Coffee & Occassional Tables

40cm high

90cm x 60cm, 120cm x 60cm, 120cm x 80cm, 120cm x 120cm

60cm, 90cm diameter