Regardless of great looks and other desirable attributes such as "8 seater", there are situations when items of furniture need to be moved. This can occur in homes but is a frequent requirement of cafes, offices, schools and other commercial or institutional organisations. One approach is to have lightweight and/or foldable solutions. More commonly trolleys, cupboards or tables on castors are employed.

Selecting an Appropriate Model

When choosing a suitable design think about:

  • How often you'll want to move the items?
  • Is the floor surface rough or smooth?
  • What weight will be placed on the unit?
  • Are lockable castors / wheels needed?
  • Are aesthetics important? Eg. An oversize castor might be part of the "look".
  • Can one end have feet?
  • Do wheels suit the design - eg. a round pipe industrial table with black rubber tyres

Why do you have the need to re-organise the room?

  • Cleaning
  • Different use of the space - E.g. Daytime cafe to evening function room.
  • Switch from small to large groups of people.
  • Create an open space.
  • Do you need a flip-top or collapsible type?


Check that the proposed table or cupboard has the castors attached securely rather than as an after thought. Has the maker allowed for removal to allow replacement or servicing? Mounting is usually with a plate or a threaded stem around which rotation occurs.