Furniture for Office Moves

Relocating your business to a new place can be a daunting task. So many things to think of. Calling in specialist help is definitely something worth considering.

Whilst we can’t help with many aspects we can definitely supply great furniture. As you can see from our website we have a diverse range of high quality tables. And... not a sign of anything boring in sight. That’s not to say we don’t do understated or subtle.

With years of experience of supplying into this sector, Rigg has supplied countless pieces of furniture for office moves as well as new start-up businesses or expansion of existing companies. Having worked with small enterprises, such as agencies with one staff member right up to large corporate operations, many scenarios have been encountered.


Different delivery modes are possible including:

  • You collect from the Rigg factory in Birmingham
  • Delivery direct to site for you, 3rd party or Rigg to assemble as needed
  • Ditto but to a furniture consolidation warehouse, constructed or knock-down (KD)


Sometimes a customer only requires one specific product. However it is often the case that a mixture is supplied. Thanks to diverse in-house manufacturing, Rigg can supply - for example, 50 contemporary office desks, 3 high breakout tables, coffee tables, shelving and storage. Within this package there can also be several materials such as wood, steel, copper, concrete and laminates - to name a few. Other bespoke pieces are also supplied such as this Metro Tile & Zinc Reception Desk.


Besides flexibility in design, staged production and installation is entirely possible. A recent project for an Amazon corporate workplace involved the manufacture and delivery of pieces spanning months. Production was executed in a timely manner to avoid over-stocking and storage costs.


Passionate staff ensure that not only are the goods made and delivered on-time, but the standard of fit and finish is second to none. Rigg appreciates the importance of getting things right first time during an office fit-out, especially when many other suppliers and factors are involved.

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