With the work dynamics changing and evolving over the years and jobs getting tougher, people stay glued to their desks for hours. This has resulted in work related stress, anxiety and exhaustion among employees. Keeping this issue in mind, many offices have started to adopt a new type of work environment that they have incorporated into their workspace: the breakout area. Its pretty self- explanatory, but to further describe it would be to call it a place where office workers can come relax , unwind, take short breaks, even have  a small staff meeting in a more private area  etc.

It’s an open space specifically designed for employees so that they don’t get tired or exhausted easily from the daily pressure of their work lives. This in turn increases employee productivity and they get refreshed. It is desirable that employees should be given regular intervals  to take a break from their work, because sitting in the same posture, staring at the screen and typing away can cause back, eye, and carpel tunnel related issues. The mind also gets cluttered with everything and they get mental fatigue. Collaboration on projects is also boosted.

Breakout Area Furniture

One of the key features of the break out area is its relaxing furniture. From chairs and bean bags to the table and counters; it is important to have sturdy yet light furniture.

Breakout tables are multifunctional and are a crucial element in the office as they serve the following purposes:


It might seem pretty obvious but there are many office workers who eat their lunches at their own work stations or desks because they are just in a hurry to grab a quick bite and get back to doing their work. A breakout table can eliminate this issue and people can come sit together and have their lunches or even snacks. This serves as a great way to socialize with colleagues on a more personal level as well. A workplace can have 1 or 2 big tables or multiple medium sized tables. It all depends on how much space there is. The take-away message is that you should definitely pay attention to the design of your staff canteen area.


The break out area is not for work but sometimes due to other rooms being occupied the break out table can serve its purpose as a place to have quick or short meetings at. People can bring in their laptops and tablets and work on the table and be productive.

Playing Games

People can even play board games on the breakout table. Games such as chess, monopoly, the game of Life and other popular games can be stacked up and played on the table to stimulate the mind.

Tea / Coffee Break

Why drink your tea/coffee on your desk when you can unwind for 5 minutes with your colleagues? Take inspiration from large corporations who factor in these key features from the start of contemporary office development.