A timeless design feature

A coffee table is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can buy. They have stood the test of time, having made their debut in English living rooms during the Victorian era. Since then, they have continued to evolve, surviving every fashion triumph and disaster of the last 100 years, to become streamlined, stylish design features.

These days, you can find a huge variety of classic and contemporary occassional tables gracing social spaces from bars and cafes to large open plan living areas and intimate loft apartments. Whatever your taste, Rigg can supply beautiful product that has so many uses you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

A useful piece of furniture

One of the best things about this item of furniture is that they’re not just a handy place to rest your cup. They have an extensive variety of practical uses that, if your living room is ever going to be used for gatherings of family or friends, or even if it’s a haven where you like to relax alone, you won’t want to be without.

Your purchase will really prove its worth when it comes to entertaining in your home. If you’re inviting colleagues over for dinner, it can be a great place to set the canapés out for when they first arrive. Alternatively, if you’re hosting a more informal gathering, you can lay out snacks for everyone to enjoy in the relaxed environment of your living room.

You will also have the chance to impress any unexpected visitors if you use your rigg product as something of an exhibition space. It’s the perfect base for showing off those impressive hardback books you’ve bought – or you could curate a collection of your favourite souvenirs that you’ve brought back from exciting travels abroad.

If you have children or grandchildren, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without this small but useful item of furniture. It has a particularly valuable use as a secure space in full view of the family, where young children can safely play or draw undisturbed, but you can always keep an eye on them as they’re in such a prominent place.

Or when you want to keep yourself to yourself and enjoy some quality time alone, your coffee table can be a handy surface to keep the remotes so you’ll never lose them again. And of course, it has a secret use that we’ve all taken advantage of from time to time – a comfortable place to put your feet up in front of the television at the end of a hard day!

Bring your Living Room Together

Spaces whether commercial or doomestic usually need a focal point or design feature to bring the space together. If you want to encourage a sociable atmosphere, this shouldn’t be the television! Instead it should be a piece of furniture that helps to foster a sense of ease and intimacy.

This interior piece can be a simple and effective way of giving your room a cohesive design. Often a blank space between your sofas or chairs can seem cold or uninviting, even intimidating. The conversation between you and your guests is hardly going to flow if it feels as if you’re sitting miles away from each other, with nothing subconsciously encouraging you to lean forward.

By offering a wide variety of different styles, designs and options for customisation, Rigg aims to provide the perfect item for each individual living space.

Custom Interior Design Products from Rigg

We dedicate our time to designing and making unusual furniture which is characterised by the creative and innovative combination of materials which are not often seen together, least of all in the mass-produced, uniform furniture often found on the high street! Our highly skilled and experienced team craft each piece in our Birmingham workshop with the intention of adding a beautiful and original design feature to your home.

We work with an eclectic mixture of materials including glass, brass, zinc, copper, wood and steel, to create contemporary, industrial, retro or classic coffee table designs to suit every taste and decor scheme. We also craft tables in both rectangular and oval shapes to account for different room shapes and sizes, as well as their intended uses.

We can often tailor each coffee table to suit the individual buyer. If you would like a different material used on a particular design, for example, we will always do our best to accommodate you. Our coffee tables are also available in a choice of colours and stains, allowing you to add a truly bespoke touch, and take away a unique piece of furniture specially crafted to suit your taste, your lifestyle and the essence of your home.

Please use our contact form or give our team a call on 0121 459 7093 to find out about the many styles we have on offer.