Our range includes a selection of leg styles, top materials and shapes. If you would like to quickly get an overview then we have a page of images of dining tables.

A dining table might seem like a simple item. Look a little further and you will realise that there are quite a few factors to take into account.


We offer a vast array of designs including:

  • Hairpin leg
  • Square tube - Quad
  • Angled - Stance
  • Wooden
  • Round tubular legs - Avo


Many materials are available including:

Wood, Timber

  • oak
  • ash
  • iroko
  • pine

Manmade Boards



Style & Appearance

Your space will probably suit certain designs more than others. In addition to basics such as colour, think about lighting and how it might change across the day, casting differently on your dining table. Don't forget that you might want it to look "moody" in the daytime with the sillouette of the window frame appearing at a shallow angle, but then when using it to eat around with family you might want it to be well illuminated. Some rooms demand a substantially structured table with a thick top, whereas a hairpin dining table might suit other situations. Before thinking of specific product models, perhaps consider whether you are in the market for a contemporary dining tables or something more traditional.

Dining Table Practicality

A key factor for consideration when buying your dining table is how many people can you seat? Will this number be consistent or will you occassionally need to seat a few more guests - for example at Christmas time. In the latter case an extending table may be for you. Pay some consideration to the leg plan of your dining table. A funky leg/frame arrangement may not work with your seating; your table may be 180cm long but if the legs get in the way then only a quarter of that length may be available.


For some customers a dining table with benches is a good route.