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Industrial Dining Table

Small Industrial Dining Table
Industrial Dining Table with Bench

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Steel and wood is a timeless combination which lends itself to beautiful, characterful furniture. This piece is the simple essence of industrial styled design without cliched frills and ornamentation. This allows use in both contemporary and classical spaces.

Quick Info

  • Standard sizes and capacities are shown below
  • Width is 90cm
  • Height is 75cm
  • Bespoke service available
Table Size Guide
Length Seat Guide
150cm 4
180cm 6
210cm 6
240cm 8

Please note that some tables can accomodate more seats on a temporary or permanent basis depending upon how tight you want spacing to be. Some circumstances perhpas allow the addition of chairs at the ends.

Legs & Frame

The taught, upright steel legs of this lightly rustic piece are placed close to the corners of the wooden top giving a crisp, purposeful stance. On a practical note this also affords generous seating room. Being of 50mm square heavy gauge metal, the legs are strong whilst being quite slim. Strong attachment to the steel frame makes for a very sturdy structure.


The main component that you will see and feel every time you sit down or walk by is the wooden top. Here, lots of effort is put into ensuring longevity and character. Besides stain colours, the table top has several generous coats of clear matte lacquer, giving a natural feel. Little maintenance is required; a wipe with a damp cloth being all that is necessary.

Size Options

A range of sizes is available from 150cm - 240cm long x 90cm wide x 75cm high. When only using the long sides the shortest model will seat 4 people, with capacity increasing to 8 people for the 240cm model. Bespoke sizes are available by special order.

Rich Aesthetic

A reclaimed look goes hand-in-hand with the contemporary chic, rustic tones and textures which are synonymous with this type of furniture. To apreciate this, think back to the substantial materials from the byegone era of huge, industrous factories, refurbished to once again express their beauty. Imagine buildings of rivets, iron, beams, beautiful brickwork.

Timber & Metal

This piece is much more than one of the many solid wood dining tables you can see online. The use of metal for the frame not only contributes to the appearance but also adds rigidity. Further, it is possible to have slimmer legs, for example, than you might otherwise require.


In the past most people have used only chairs, but now it is very popular to have table benches at least on one side. Mix and match is the order of the day, perhaps with stools at the ends, one of our industrial benches, and a cushioned wood bench on the other. We have seen numerous combinations but do remember to do what suits you and your space.

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