Zinc Top Dining Table
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Zinc Top Dining Table

Zinc Table Light Grey Legs
Zinc Dining Table Red Legs
Zinc Top Dining Table
Table Zinc Top Wood Edge
Zinc Table Metal Legs

A superb zinc top dining table with plain grey steel or coloured legs (available in a choice of colours). If you prefer hairpin legs also take a look at our zinc desk.

The legs and frame are of a strong welded and bolted construction, making this piece as robust as it is handsome.

The working surface is of real zinc, whilst the sides are made from solid oak wood. This careful attention to detail of adding in a small amount of oak brings warmth to the piece which some zinc tables can lack.

A zinc top dining table will often have an untarnished, bright appearance. We bring character to the top by applying a patina which affords a feeling of being reclaimed or re-purposed - perhaps from an old factory work bench. The zinc character will then continue to develop during ownership, witnessing use through characterful patterns, hue changes etc.

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