Lord Wandsworth College Dining Hall Furniture

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Lord Wandsworth College Dining Hall Furniture
Educational Birch Plywood Dining Hall Furniture
Birch Plywood & Laminate Table & Benches at Lord Wandsworth College
High Quality Educational Plywood Table & Benches
Synk - Modern Commercial & Educational Plywood Table & Benches
College Tables & Benches - Birch Plywood
Education Sector Dining Hall Furniture
Modern Educational Tables, Formica Crystal White on Plywood
College Canteen Table & Benches - Birch Plywood & HPL
Modern College Canteen Tables
College Birch Plywood Dining Hall Tables
Birch Plywood & Formica Citadel Seating Benches
Contemporary College Dining Hall Table & Benches

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Rigg supplied furniture as part of the fit-out of the newly constructed dining hall at Lord Wandsworth College.

At the Birmingham factory Synk tables and seating benches were manufactured in the required colours. High quality materials were used throughout including birch plywood and Formica brand high pressure laminate (HPL).

Rigg supplies numerous items of modern furniture to the educational sector for use in classrooms and other school areas such as the canteen in this project. Other clients include commercial offices and hospitality.

Contemporary schemes require an agile approach to design and material selection, enabling a harmonious end product.

Formica colours were specified as follows:
Tables: F3091, Crystal White
Benches: F9266, Citadel

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